Laurel Oaks Recreation Center
Recreational Facilities Use Guidelines

The Laurel Oaks Park, Playground, Tennis Club and Swimming Pool are for use of Laurel Oaks subdivision residents and their families only. Two guests per household are permitted at the time that an adult resident is using the facilities. Abuse of any part of the facility, lifeguards, or anyone else representing the Association can result in the suspension of privileges

I closed on my home in January, do I have to pay a full year's assessment for the first year?

Maybe, depends on the closing date. The owner of record at 12:00AM on January 1st is liable for entire assessment for that year. If you closed your purchase of a home after this time, the previous owner is responsible for the assessment or a portion thereof. Annual assessment payments are typically made through the title company handling the sales transaction and they will collect the due fees.

Does the Association have rules/regulations that apply to homeowners/residents?

Yes. There are several rules/regulations that govern the community. These documents are publicly available on this website. See the Governing Documents section of this website. By purchasing a property in Laurel Oaks, the buyer agrees to be bound by these governing documents. The rules/regulations defined in the governing documents apply to all residents of Laurel Oaks. 

I believe a violation of the rules/regulations is taking place, what should I do?

It is likely that the violation has been reported to the Board of Directors already and a letter has been written to the owner in an effort to correct the issue. But, if you notice any violation, please don't hesitate to contact the Board of Directors in writing. ( 

I want to paint or modify the appearance of my home, what should I do?

All modifications to the exterior appearance of your home must be approved by the Architectural Controls Committee. You may request consideration by submitting the ACC form to the Architectural Controls Committee prior to making any changes.

  • General Maintenance of Common Areas
  • Repairs of Association Assets/Property
  • Landscaping / Grounds Maintenance
  • Security Patrol
  • Street Lights
  • Mosquito Control
  • Pool Maintenance / Lifeguards
  • Water/Sewer Service (sprinklers, pool, water fountains)
  • General Administration (Office Supplies, Copies, Newsletters, etc.)
  • Facility Rental (Meetings)
  • Force Mows & other Deed Enforcement Actions
  • Legal Fees/Expenses
  • Phone Services
  • Security System
  • Insurance
  • Social/Community Events
Tennis Center

The Tennis Center is open year round from 5:30am each morning to 10:30pm each evening.

How is the Laurel Oaks Homeowners' Association organized?

The Laurel Oaks Homeowners' Association is a non-profit organization. The basic purpose of the Association is to govern the community in accordance with the governing documents, which includes the associations by-laws, deed restrictions, and other rules as developed by the board of directors. The Association is governed by the Board of Directors, who are elected by the members of the Association or appointed as required. The Board of Directors of the Association has the power and duty to administer the affairs of the Association in accordance with the governing documents. The Board is also responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of Laurel Oaks.

Is membership in the homeowners' association optional?

No. Any person who becomes an Owner within the Laurel Oaks Community is automatically a Member of the Association. Membership is mandatory. It ceases when the person ceases to own property within Laurel Oaks. Every Member is subject to the requirements of the governing documents.

Tuesday thru Friday

2:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday 1:00pm - 8:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Monday Closed
Swimming Pool

Pool season starts on Memorial Day weekend and ends on Labor Day weekend each year. To obtain a pool access pass, please fill out the Pool Registration Form and bring it to the pool during normal pool hours and one of the lifeguards will assist you. Please have your photo ID on hand.​ See the normal pool schedule below.

Park, Walking Track  & Kids Playground

The park and playground are open year round from 5:30AM each morning to 10:30PM each evening.​ below is a summary of the park and playground rules

  • Park use by Laurel Oaks residents only
  • No bikes, scooters, or skateboards
  • No pets are allowed in park
  • Do not Litter
  • Only children under on playground equipment
  • No weapons or drugs on the premises.

Laurel Oaks is located within the boundaries of the Spring Independent School District. Both Clark Primary and Clark Intermediate Schools are located within the community on River Laurel Drive. Residents enjoy a well maintained community center which offers tennis courts, swimming pools, track, volleyball courts, and play areas

Laurel Oaks is a deed restricted community located in the north Houston area just off of I-45N (North Freeway) and Rankin Road. There are over 593 homes in the community. Homes range between the $90's to over $200K.

About Laurel Oaks

Is there an annual assessment/maintenance fee?

Yes. Every owner is required to pay an annual assessment (currently $440.00) imposed by the Association. These funds are used for several things associated with maintenance of common areas, enforcing Association rules, and general operations of the Association. Annual assessments are due yearly on January 1st of every year by the owner of record of that year. A late charge of 10% is imposed if the payments are not received by January 31st of the applicable year. If annual assessments are not paid in full by February 28th, an additional late fee of $100 will be charged. The Board of Directors will make every reasonable effort to provide you with a statement at least 45 days in advance of the assessment due date. However, failure to receive a bill does not exempt anyone from paying their assessment. Failure to pay assessments may result in a lien on the delinquent property and legal action to collect the past due amounts. While the Association prefers not to take these actions, they are required under the terms of the Declarations. 

What are the assessment fees used for?

The Association’s funds are used on many different items all for the purposes of the Association in maintaining its assets and the look and feel of the community. There are also times when capital improvements are required to resolve many types of issues or add services to the community. Below is a summary of items that homeowner assessments go


Deed Restricted Community

Laurel Oaks is a deed restricted community which means that Purchase of a home in the community brings with it membership in the association. This also means that the community is governed according to pre-established guidelines aimed at creating harmony and making community living enjoyable. These guidelines are available under the documents section of this website.

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