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Association Member Comments
"The idea is wonderful and beautiful ."
- Maxine Blackshear (12 Year Resident)

"It's beautiful! This should be done much earlier if budget permitted. It's better if we could have the Laurel Oaks Subdivision sign more visible at Spears road and middle of River Laurel. Congratulations on job well done! Thanks!"
- Phuc Dang (15 Year Resident)

"I think the designs look great and anything that we can do to enhance the appearance of the neighborhood is fine with me."
- Stephanie Harris (13 Year Resident)

"This will be very beautiful when it is done. Been here for 3 years and I use this entrance all the time"
- Sheila Hughett (3 Year Resident)

"I am all for it. 16 year resident and neighbor hood improvements is a must."
- Rufus Ceasar (16 Year Resident)

"I have looked at the planned pictures and I think it looks really nice. Just one more reason I'm glad we moved into this neighborhood. Thanks Laurel Oaks HOA."
- Tommy Cleveland (4 1\2 Year Resident)

"I would love to see our community making improvements that help Laurel Oaks Residence stand out. It is a very classy idea and says a lot about each Family here. I will gladly use the link to say yes continue to making my Neighborhood a better place to own a home. I will go to the link and make my voice heard. God bless you and thank you for sharing."
- Maxine Wiggins (13 Year Resident)

"I think this is a wonderful idea. The enhancements look great and are definitely needed to help improve our area and beautify our development that we are so proud of living in. I am all for the changes!"
- Josie Skinner (4 1\2 Year Resident)

"The proposed sign on River Laurel is very appealing and will add to the value of the neighborhood"
Bobby Hurst (12 Year Resident)

"The monuments look very nice and we should purchase them for our thoroughfare."
- Derek Greene (15 Year Resident)

As a member of the Laurel Oaks Community, I would like to see the entrance to this community look as beautiful and enhancing as our neighboring communities. The planned improvements would provide a facelift to this community and provide an attractive view when entering.
Edward Busby (12 Year Resident)

"Great idea, lets get the ball rolling. Nothing like enhancing the neighborhood. I am in full support of the River Laurel Project"
- James Smith (11 Year Resident)

"I have been here 17 years and would love to see the River Laurel entry enhanced and beautiful each day."
- Jeffrey West (17 Year Resident)

"I feel the River Laurel transformation project would be a welcomed improvement to the most used entrance to our neighborhood, adding beauty to the entrance while matching the three entrances on T.C. Jester. After years of talk and planning, it would be great to see this beautification project come to fruition. Great efforts have been made to encourage and maintain community pride, the completion of this project would be consistent with those efforts."
- Kelvin A. Smith (15 Year Resident)

"I would love to see River Laurel upgraded and improved to make it as beautiful and welcoming as our the other entrances. I think the whole community will benefit since it is the most used entrance to our community. Enhancing this entrance will reflect our pride in our community to the many residents and visitors that drive in and out of our community each day through this entrance. This improvement has been a long time coming and Laurel Oaks is worthy of it and Laurel Oaks deserves it"
- Alexander Owuor (7 Year Resident)

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After several years of planning, our Association is ready to start the long awaited beautification of the River Laurel entrance. The plan is to transform River Laurel into a beautiful and welcoming entrance that makes a great first impression with new signs and beautiful landscaping.

River Laurel is the most used entrance to our community and has long been in need of an upgrade. The entrance to any community is important because it make a first and lasting impression.

River Laurel Transformation
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